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Tug Tow Tractor 6 Ton

Description of Tug Tow Tractor 6 Ton
ZOWELL 6 ton tug tow tractor is a compact vehicle with three wheels and 6 ton nominal towing capacity. It is an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications requiring the rapid and efficient transfer of multiple trailer loads. This towing tractor is also used for specialised repair workshop duties. Whether in an automotive plant or at an airport, the 6 ton tug tow tractor can be found negotiating the ramps and loading docks easily. Its rugged construction ensures durability and consistent reliability. The operator’s compartment provides a safe and comfortable working environment.

Features of Tug Tow Tractor 6 Ton
1. Suspended Seat
Zowell 6 ton tug tow tractor uses a new type suspended seat. It can adjust the bearing capacity according to the weight and provide the most comfortable environment.
2. Reliable Accelerator
The inner safety switch ensures safer operation of this towing tractor. The service life is more than 10 million times.
3. Big Steering Angle
Our 6 ton tug tow tractors possess bigger steering angle that ensures smaller turning radius and easier operation. We can make full use of space.
4. Beautiful and Useful Tighten Mechanism
The tighten mechanism is installed at the top of the cover, so that this towing tractor is more beautiful, convenient and useful.
5. Tricolor Taillight
6 ton tug tow tractor is equipped with fog light, turning light and braking light, which ensure more safety for both life and property.

Tug Tow Tractor 6 Ton

Technical Parameters of Tug Tow Tractor 6 Ton

Product Model   XT60
Power Supply   Battery
Operating Type   Sit-on
Tyres        Front / Rear   Pneumatic
Tyre Quantity     Front / Rear   2/2x
Max. Pulling Force 3 min Rating N (kgf) 4410 (450)
Rated Pulling Force (Traction Capacity) 60 min Rating N (kgf) 1470 (155)
Traction Weight 60 min Rating kg 6000
Traveling Speed Without Loaded km/h 17
With Load 7
Max. Gradeability Without Load % 30
Overall Length With Hook mm 2000
Without Hook mm 1870
Front Overhang mm 150
Rear Overhang mm 370
Overall Width mm 960
Overall Height mm 1220
Turning Radius mm 1845
Hook Length mm 136
Hook Height mm 290/340/390
Wheelbase mm 1350
Tread Front Wheel mm 260
Rear Wheel mm 860
Ground Clearance mm 100
Platform Height mm 340
Total Weight With Battery kg 1150
Without Battery 610
Weight Layout (With Standard Battery) Front Wheel kg 370
Rear Wheel 780
Tyre Dimension Front Wheel   3.50-5-6 PR
Rear Wheel   4.00-8-6 PR
Main Brake   Hydraulic
Hand Brake   Manual
Battery Voltage/ Nominal Capacity (5H Rating) V/AH 48/320
Battery Weight kg 540
Driving Motor kW AC 4.0
Type of Drive Control   MOSFET Control

With 15 years experience, Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of 6 ton tug tow tractors in China. In addition to this towing tractor, our products also cover electric stacker, reach stacker, straddle stacker, pallet truck, tow tractor, and so on. We have a professional technical team, some of who have more than 15 years’ working experience. Our products have passed the CE and ISO9001: 2008 certifications and they have been well received by clients from 40 different countries and regions. Our company also provides OEM and ODM production of tug tow tractors.

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