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Reach Truck

Introduction of Reach Truck
Zowell reach truck is operated while standing and has a narrow body. Its mast can move forward to allow the fork to extend and reach. This reach forklift truck is with the loading capacity of 1600 kg and the maximum lifting height is up to 7.2 m. It is commonly used in warehouses and large distribution centers for moving pallets in confined spaces.

Features of Reach Truck
1. Adopting advanced AC control system, Zowell reach truck can eliminate motor brushes and directional contactors, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements.
2. This reach forklift truck is fitted with multi-function display, hour meter, fault code indicator, and so on.
3. Electric hydraulic steering is easy for steering.
4. Possessing reach function, the fork of reach truck can extend up to 600 mm.
5. Fork can tilt forward or backward for safer load handling.
6. This reach forklift truck can realize stepless speed control.
7. It uses German Mannstaedt forklift profile for mast building.
8. Our reach trucks are equipped with side battery roll-out system, low stand-on platform and built-in pressure relief valve.
9. Side shift is optional.
10. This reach forklift truck adopts CAN-bus technology to ensure its reliability.

Reach Truck

Technical Parameters of Reach Truck

Identification Product Model   FRA16
Power Supply   Electric
Operating Type   Standing
Load Capacity Q  Kg 1600
Load Center Distance C mm 500
Load Distance X mm 400
Wheelbase Y mm 1440
Weight Weight (Without Battery) Kg 2440
Axle Loading, Mast Unextended, Loaded Drive End / Load End Kg 1510/2530
Axle Loading, Mast Extended, Loaded Drive End / Load End Kg 545/3495
Axle Loading, Unloaded Drive End / Load End Kg 1640/800
Wheel Tyres   Polyurethane
Tyre Size  Drive End mm Φ345 × 140
Type Size  Load End mm Φ250 × 85
Balancing Wheel Size mm Φ175 × 75
Wheels Number (X=Drive Wheel) Drive End/Load End   1x+1/2
Tread Width Drive End mm 665
Tread Width Load End mm 990
Dimensions Height Data is on the Bottom — Height Data Choices
Lowered Mast Height h1 mm 2050
Free Lift h2 mm 150
Lift Height h3 mm 3000
Extended Mast Height h4 mm 3695
Height of Overhead Guard h5 mm 2250
Platform Height h6 mm 300
Min. Ground Clearance        Mast M1 mm 100
Min. Ground Clearance        Chassis M2 mm 80
Overall Length L1 mm 2370
Length to Face of Forks L2 mm 1300
Length of Chassis L3 mm 1860
Overall Width b1 mm 1090
Fork Dimensions (Forging) s/e/l mm 100/40/1070
Forks Width b3 mm 250-760
Reach Length L4 mm 600
Min. Ground Clearance      Mast M1 mm 100
Min. Ground Clearance     Chassis M2 mm 80
Aisle Width For Pallets 1000 × 1200 Lengthways Ast mm 2575
Aisle Width For Pallets 800 × 1200 Lengthways Ast mm 2705
Turning Radius Wa mm 1700
Fork Tilting Degree (Forward/Backward) a/b  ° 3/5
Inside Width Between The Guides b2 mm 800
Performance Travel Speed   Loaded/Unloaded km/h 10.5/10.5
Lift Speed   Loaded/Unloaded mm/s 400/460
Lowering Speed   Loaded/Unloaded mm/s 520/500
Mast Reaching Speed   Loaded/Unloaded mm/s 150/150
Max. Gradeability   Loaded/Unloaded % 10/10
Service Brake   Electromagnetic
Electric Motor Drive Motor Rating kW 6
Lift Motor Rating kW 9.2
Battery Voltage / Nominal Capacity V/Ah 48/400
Battery Weight Kg 690
Others Type of Drive Control   MOSFET Control
Noise Level at Operator’s Ear dB(A) < 75

Height Data Choices
A: Double Mast

Lowered Mast Height h1 mm 2050 2200 2400 2550
Free Lift h2 mm 150 150 150 150
Lift Height h3 mm 3000 3300 3700 4000
Extended Mast Height h4 mm 3695 3995 4395 4695
Loading Capacity Kg 1600 1600 1600 1600

B: Triple Mast

Lowered Mast Height h1 mm 2200 2300 2440 2540 2700 2900 3100
Free Lift h2 mm 1500 1600 1720 1820 2000 2200 2400
Lift Height h3 mm 4500 4800 5200 5500 6000 6600 7200
Extended Mast Height h4 mm 5195 5495 5895 6195 6695 7295 7895
Loading Capacity Kg 1500 1450 1380 1200 1000 750 500

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of reach truck, Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd also supplies electric stacker, electric tow tractor, scissor lift, aerial order picker, manual warehouse equipment, customized truck, etc. We have a professional technical team, some of who have decades of working experience and predominant R&D ability. Our reach forklift trucks have been exported to 40 different countries and regions. OEM and ODM cooperation relationships are welcome. If you need reach truck, please contact us freely.

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