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Electric Stacker Forklift

Description of Electric Stacker Forklift
Zowell electric stacker forklift is with the maximum loading capacity of 2000 kg and its lifting height ranges from 1.6 m to 5.5 m. It is ideal for loading and storing applications. Zowell electric forklifts are widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, electricity, electrical appliances, machinery, furniture, chain stores, and so on. Our accumulated technologies and experience guarantee the highest quality products at very competitive prices. Our electric stacker forklifts have been well received by our customers and they have obtained CE and ISO9001: 2008 certifications.

Features of Electric Stacker Forklift
1. This forklift uses Germany Mannstaedt forklift profile for mast building.
2. It adopts Swiss BUCHER brand or Italy HYDRAPP hydraulic pump, CURTIS electronic controller and Germany FREI handle.
3. Zowell electric stacker forklift possesses regenerative braking function.
4. This electric forklift is configured with emergency power disconnect switch.
5. The side gate and the battery cover are openable. Battery can be removed from the side, making it very convenient to replace and maintain batteries.
6. Braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position increases its safety.
7. Emergency reversing device in the handle improves operating safety of this stacker forklift.
8. Built-in pressure relief valve protects the electric forklift from overloads and increases reliability.
9. The mast and the frame are dividable and exchangeable.

Electric Stacker Forklift

Technical Parameters of Electric Stacker Forklift

Identification Product Model   XE20A XE20B
Drive Unit   Electric Electric
Operator Type   Standing Pedestrian
Load Capacity Q  kg 2000 2000
Load Center C  mm 600 600
Wheelbase Y  mm 1370 1370
Weight Truck Weight (Without Battery) kg 1210 1190
Max. Axle Loading, Loaded (Drive End) kg 1164 1131
Max. Axle Loading, Loaded (Load End) kg 2302 2310
Wheel Tyres   Polyurethane Polyurethane
Driving Wheels Size mm Ф230 × 75 Ф230 × 75
Loading Wheels Size mm Ф80 × 70 Ф80 × 70
Balancing Wheels Size mm Ф150 × 60 Ф150 × 60
Tread, Drive End mm 400, 500 400, 500
Tread, Load End mm 800 800
Dimensions Lowered Mast Height h1 mm 1805 1805
Free Lift h2 mm / /
Lift Height h3 mm 2500 2500
Extended Mast Height h4 mm 3020 3020
Forks Height, Lowered h5 mm 90 90
Overall Length L1 mm 2110 2030
Length to Face of Forks L2 mm 956 956
Overall Width b1 mm 942 942
Fork Dimensions s/e/lmm 180/70/1150 180/70/1150
Forks Width b3 mm 570 or 680 570 or 680
Min. Ground Clearance m  mm 30 30
Aisle Width Ast mm 2385 2385
Turning Radius Wa mm 2029 1685
Performance Travel Speed     Loaded/Unloaded km/h 4/5 4/5
Lift Speed        Loaded/Unloaded m/s 90/130 90/130
Lowering Speed  Loaded/Unloaded m/s 140/100 140/100
Max. Gradeability  Loaded/Unloaded % 5/8 5/8
Service Brake   Electromagnetic brake
Electric Motor Drive Motor Rating kW 1.2 (DC), 1.5 (AC) 1.2 (DC), 1.5 (AC)
Lift Motor Rating kW 3.0 3.0
Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 24/210 (240-280) 24/210 (240-280)
Battery Weight kg 230 (250-280) 230 (250-280)
Other Type of Drive Control   MOSFET control
Noise Level at Operator’s Ear dB(A) < 70 < 70

Height Data Choices

Mast Type Lift h3 (mm) Height with Mast Closed h1 (mm) Free Lift h2 (mm) Height with Mast Extended h4 (mm)
Single 1600 2055 1600 2055
Dual 2500 1805 / 3020
Dual 3000 2055 / 3520
Dual 3500 2305 / 4020
Dual 4000 2555 / 4500
Triple 4500 2055 1490 5067
Triple 4800 2155 1590 5367
Triple 5000 2215 1670 5547
Triple 5500 2375 1850 6027

Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in providing customized electric stacker forklifts in China. In addition to this electric forklift, we also supply electric pallet truck, electric stacker, electric reach truck, scissor lift, aerial order picker, manual warehouse equipment, customized truck, and so on. Our company has a professional technical team, some of who have more than 15 years’ working experience. Zowell electric stacker forklifts have been exported to Russian, Brazil, India, South Africa, Germany, USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc. The electric forklifts developed and designed by us meet the international standard. We also provide OEM and ODM service.

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