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Electric Stacker

Introduction of Electric Stacker
Electric stacker is a kind of compact forklift that is often used to maneuver in smaller spaces. It is a piece of heavy equipment typically used in industrial and manufacturing environments for lifting and placing broad and flat items, such as pallets, tubes and slabs. ZOWELL electric powered stacker is with the loading capacity of 1000 or 1500 kg and with the maximum lifting height up to 5.5 m. Electric stacker is suitable for medium or highly intensive pallet transport and stacking in warehouses, manufacturing industry and retail premises. With its frontal forks attached to the mast, it is powered with a heavy duty battery. There are two types of electric powered stackers: pedestrian and stand-on. The maximum load and the maximum reach distance can vary from one to another. The distance which an electric stacker can cover depends on the capacity of its battery. It is available with or without a platform. A platform is recommended for longer travel distance applications.

Applications of Electric Stacker
ZOWELL electric powered stacker is generally used for indoor applications such as warehouse industries to transport and stack pallets to or from storage racks.

Features of Electric Stacker
1. It adopts Swiss BUCHER brand or Italy HYDRAPP hydraulic pump, CURTIS electronic controller and Germany FREI handle.
2. Our electric powered stackers use Germany Mannstaedt forklift profile for mast building.
3. This product possesses regenerative braking function and adopts battery side extraction.
4. Electric stacker is equipped with emergency power disconnect switch.
5. Braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position increases its safety.
6. Built-in pressure relief valve protects the electric powered stacker from overloads and increases reliability.
7. The mast and the frame are dividable and exchangeable.

Technical Parameters of Electric Stacker

Identification Product Model   XE10 XE15 XEH15
Power Supply   Electric Electric Electric
Operating Type   Standing Standing Standing
Load Capacity Q Kg 1000 1500 1500
Load Center C mm 600 600 600
Wheelbase Y mm 1284 1329 1372
Weight Weight (Without Battery) Kg 824 850 1081
Axle Loading, Loaded (Front/Rear) Kg 785/1219 838/1712 1042/1816
Axle Loading, Unload (Front/Rear) Kg 701/303 718/332 928/430
Wheel   Tyres   Polyurethane
Driving Wheel Size mm Φ250×80 Φ250×80 Φ250×80
Loading Wheel Size mm Φ80×70 Φ80×70 Φ80×70
Balancing Wheel Size mm Φ125×50 Φ125×50 Φ125×50
Tread, Drive End mm 694 694 800
Tread, Load End mm 390/400/500 390/400/500 390/400/500
Dimensions Lowered Mast Height h1 mm 2000 2000 2060
Free Lift h2 mm / / 1500
Lift Height h3 mm 3000 3000 4500
Extended Mast Height h4 mm 3465 3464 4990
Forks Height, Lowered h5 mm 86 86 86
Height of handle in drive position(Max/Min) h6 mm 1396/1136 1396/1136 1390/1130
Overall Length L1 mm 1998 2043 2088
Length to Face of Forks L2 mm 848 893 938
Overall Width b1 mm 850 850 942
Fork Dimensions s/e/l mm 180/66/1150 180/66/1150 180/66/1150
Forks Width b3 mm     570/680 570/680 680
Min. Ground Clearance mm       30 30 30
Aisle Width Ast mm   2417 2462 2505
Turning Radius Wa mm     1581 1626 1668
Performance Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded km/h 5.2/6 5.2/6 4.6/5.2
Lift Speed Loaded/Unloaded mm/s 90/120 90/120 90/120
Lowering Speed Loaded/Unloaded mm/s 125/80 125/80 125/80
Max. Gradeability Loaded/Unloaded % 5/8 5/8 5/8
Service Brake   Electromagnetic
Motor Drive Motor Rating kw AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5
Lift Motor Rating kw 2.2 2.2 3
Battery Voltage / Nominal Capacity V/Ah 24/180 (180/210) 24/210(210\240\280) 24/210(240\280\300)
Battery Weight kg 200 200\205\295 205\295\300
Others Type of Drive Control   MOSFET Control
Noise Level at Operator’s Ear dB(A) <70

Height Data Choices

Model Mast Type Lift h3 (mm) Height with Mast Closed h1 (mm) Free Lift h2 (mm) Height with Mast Extended h4 (mm)
XE10/XE15 Single 1600 1980 1600 1980
Dual 2500 1750 / 2956
Dual 3000 2000 / 3465
Dual 3500 2250 / 3965
Dual 4000 2500 / 4465
Triple 4500 2055 1490 4979
XEH15 Triple 4800 2155 1600 5285
Triple 5000 2255 1660 5485
Triple 5500 2445 1820 5985

With 15 years experience, Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electric powered stackers in China. In addition to electric stacker, our products also include electric forklift, reach stacker, straddle stacker, pallet truck, tow tractor, and so on. Most of our products have passed CE and ISO9001: 2008 certifications and they have been well received by clients from 40 different countries and regions. We are delighted to provide OEM and ODM production of electric powered stackers. If you need electric stacker, please contact us freely.

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