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Electric Pallet Truck

Description of Electric Pallet Truck (Power Pallet Truck)
Zowell XP20 and XP25 electric pallet trucks are compact vehicles with the loading capacity of 2000 kg and 2500 kg. They are capable of providing safe and easy horizontal pallet movement. This power pallet truck is quite easy to transport full load pallets from one place to another. This model can work with or without a platform. A platform is recommended to use for long-distance material transport. Our electric pallet trucks can be used in a number of market segments including offices, retail stores, print shops, food distribution, grocery stores as well as transportation, warehousing or logistics.

Features of Electric Pallet Truck (Power Pallet Truck)
1. Zowell electric pallet truck adopts Swiss BUCHER brand hydraulic pump.
2. It possesses regenerative braking function.
3. Braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position increases the safety of the truck.
4. This power pallet truck is equipped with CURTIS electronic controller, Germany FREI handle and emergency power disconnect switch.
5. Emergency reversing device in the handle provides improved operating safety of electric pallet trucks.
6. The side gate and the battery cover are openable. Battery can be removed from the side, making it very convenient to replace and maintain batteries.

Electric Pallet Truck

Technical Parameters of Electric Pallet Truck (Power Pallet Truck)

Identification Product Model   XP20 XP25
Power Supply   Electric
Operating Type   Standing or Pedestrian
Load Capacity Q  Kg 2000 2500
Load Center Distance C mm 600 600
Load Distance X mm 182 182
Wheelbase Y mm 1426 1426
Weight Weight (Without Battery) Kg 365 380
Axle Loading, Loaded Drive End / Load End Kg 965/1595 1154/1915
Axle Loading, Unloaded Drive End / Load End Kg 434/126 445/129
Wheel Tyres   Polyurethane
Tyre Size Drive End mm Φ230 × 75
Type Size Load End mm Φ80 × 70
Balancing Wheel Size mm Φ100 × 40
Wheels Number (X=Drive Wheel) Drive End / Load End   1x-2/4
Tread Width Drive End mm 510
Tread Width Load End mm 400
Dimensions Lowered Mast Height h1 mm 1280
Lift Height h3 mm 205
Forks Height, Lowered h5 mm 85
Height of Handle in Drive Position (Max/Min) h6 mm 1200/985
Overall Length L1 mm 1770
Length to Face of Forks L2 mm 620
Overall Width b1 mm 725
Fork Dimensions (Forging) s/e/l mm 1150
Forks Width b3 mm 560 / 680
Minimum Ground Clearance m  mm 30
Aisle Width for Pallets 800 × 1200 Lengthways Ast mm 2047
Turning Radius Wa mm 1615
Performance Travel Speed Loaded/Unloaded km/h 5.2/6 4.8/5.6
Lift Speed Loaded/Unloaded mm/s 40/50
Lowering Speed   Loaded/Unloaded mm/s 50/40
Max. Gradeability   Loaded/Unloaded % 8/15
Service Brake   Electromagnetic
Electric Motor Drive Motor Rating kW 1.2 (DC) / 1.5 (AC)
Lift Motor Rating kW 0.8
Battery Voltage / Nominal Capacity V/Ah 24/210
Battery Weight Kg 195
Others Type of Drive Control   MOSFET Control
Noise Level at Operator’s Ear dB(A) < 70

Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is a leading exporter of electric pallet trucks in China. In addition to this power pallet truck, we also provide clients with electric forklift, electric stacker, electric reach truck, scissor lift, aerial order picker, manual warehouse equipment, customized truck, and so forth. With high quality and competitive price, our electric pallet trucks have been quite popular among customers from as many as 40 countries and regions. Our products have obtained CE and ISO9001: 2008 certifications. We are very delighted to provide OEM production of power pallet trucks.

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